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Monday 31 January 2011 - 15:00:00

If you have ever wanted to know what it was like to be shooting a bow and arrow while riding on horseback, the chance has come for you to learn. The first ever Horseback Archery course will take place in April 2011 in Lenasia from 11 - 17 April 2011.  Horseback Archery is an exciting and recognized martial art sport practiced in many countries today; it is a discipline which teaches ancient skills where man horse and the bow becomes one unit. The exciting news is that 2011 will see Horseback Archery officially being launched in South Africa.

Horseback Archery will add an exciting new dimension to both Traditional Archery and the different equestrian sports in South Africa. The South African Horseback Archery Association (SAHAA) is expected to be formed in February, which will enable horseback archers from South Africa to train, qualify and compete in international Horseback Archery events, such as the recent world championships held in the USA.

In April 2011, two champion horseback archers Neil Payne, chairman of the British Horseback Archery Association (BHAA) and his assistant Jehad Shamis will be conducting 3 two day workshops to help lay the foundations for future horseback archers in South Africa.

The BHAA, in association and on invitation by Blue Moon Riding and Livery Stables, will be held at Blue Moon Riding Stables, easily accessible from the N1 and situated in the south of Johannesburg in the Walkerville area.

The workshops will be held over two full days and will cover the following skills:

•    Getting to know the horse, mounting and dismounting and tacking up
•    Getting the horse familiarized to archery equipment
•    Shooting off the horse at a walk while being led
•    Shooting off the horse unassisted

•    Basic equipment knowledge
•    Learning to shoot without looking at the bow and string
•    Learning to shoot using the thumb release technique
•    Shooting the bow from different angles
•    Ground work for shooting from the horse

The course will end in a friendly competition amongst the participants to help encourage their newly acquired foundational skills in horseback archery.

Bookings for the course are essential and will be made on a first come first served basis and a 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking.

Workshop Dates:

11-12 April
13-14 April
16-17 April
Course Fees
R550.00 per person
Spectator Fee: R50.00

Beverages, snacks and light lunches will be available on sale at the canteen.
Those interested in experiencing the exhilaration of Horseback Archery can contact Aishah Hartman at:
Tel: 011: 854-4078 or Cell: 083 519 9704, fax: 086 607 9069  Email:

Come along and learn the historic skills of blending horsemanship and archery in the wonderful sport of Horseback Archery!

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