News Item: Integration of SANIFAA & SANAA Underway. The road ahead…
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Friday 05 September 2014 - 08:59:18

With the integration of all South African amateur archery into one body (where all members are recognised as high as the International Olympic Committee), the road forward for the next few months, until January 2015 at which time the integration will be complete, has been laid out. This post deals with some of the issues that will affect members until 1 january and aims to give a better understanding of the process.

Membership to Sanifaa is no longer offered and all the Sanifaa members in good standing have been relocated to the Sanaa membership database. Any new Sanifaa member wishing to join Sanaa would have to apply for Sanaa membership and pay the proportion of the membership fee for the remainder of the year.

Existing members
During the remainder of the year, Sanaa will recognise all existing Sanifaa members and both bodies will waiver any visitors fees. It would be necessary for you to prove you are a member in order to have the fee waived.

Scores & Awards
Sanifaa rules are 100% recognised (along with all other qualifying rules). In essence nothing changes for Sanifaa archers. In short the exiting IFAA (previously SANIFAA) competitions and disciplines will exist as previous and all existing qualifying scores will be recognised.

The following need to be kept in mind when it come to Sanaa awards.

  • Sanaa rules require that an archer must be a member in good standing in order to have scores taken into account and awards earned. This is more stringent when it comes to the World Archery rules (Book 1 membership). A member in good standing is defined as someone who holds a Sanaa membership card (i.e. a paid subscriptions). Therefore, archers from the Sanifaa, who are not paid up members of Sanaa cannot have their scores counted towards the national ranking or earn awards. This is the difference between waiving the visitors fee and membership.

  • This will apply for only the next few months and during the interim settling in period. We would therefore encourage anyone who is serious about scores and awards to simply apply for Sanaa membership and to pay the pro-rate Sanaa membership fee which addresses and solves this hurdle.

Read more about the integration on this link.

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