News Item: Jane Dolhloff (RSA) sets three new IFAA World Archery Records
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Tuesday 12 August 2014 - 08:08:22

Greyton Today: Jane Dolhloff won her second world title on Friday at the World Field Archery Championships in Yankton South Dakota USA and set three new world records along the way. The first on day one with a score of 537 in the Field discipline, the second on the final day in the Hunter discipline and third with an overall total score of 2705 in AFBU. Just for good measure she also shot a perfect score of 560/560 equaling the current record on day three and won a silver medal in the team event.

From day one she set a very strong pace leaving the opposition fighting for the minor placing’s. In field archery circles her commanding performance has been a source of discussion around the world. Consensus seems to indicate that it will take a super human effort in near perfect conditions to even get close.

Well done on an outstanding performance!

This news item is from South African National Archery Association
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