News Item: PVC Bows - a solution for mass participation in archery revealed in Pretoria this weekend
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Sunday 03 August 2014 - 11:34:02

After some four months of research, development and design, Para-Archery chair, Shaun Anderson revealed this weekend in Pretoria a locally manufactured bow that will revolutionise the cost of access to our sport. The bow is heat moulded from PVC plastic taking the form of a perfect Recurve. The brainchild of the PVC bow is our National Development officer William Stephton, who designed and built the functional bow in an attempt to reduce the cost of entry barriers for our mass participation programs. The bow, which costs under R200 to manufacture and which went through gruelling tests over the weekend, passed the 20-60lb test and took all the punishment thrown at it.

The bows which were demonstrated by a variety of archers had novices hitting the gold at 20m with ease and even with rough handling endured the pace. According to Shaun, the first batch will be used in a school with 120 pupils where the learners will be able to customise and personalise them with their own decoration.

There was much excitement when the bows were demonstrated, especially by sceptics who thought that the idea was ludicrous. The concept of the PVC bow was welcomed by our high performance archers who tried out the kit and in the main commented that the bow is an ideal way of removing barriers to entry. Beside the functionality, durability and low cost of the bow, it is ideally suited for both left and right handed archers.

This news item is from South African National Archery Association
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