News Item: CSIR Embraces Archery and forms a new club with the first AGM next week
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Thursday 17 July 2014 - 10:37:42

Johan Steyn Reports: On Tuesday night an introduction to Archery was presented by eight members of old Golden Arrow Archery Club to the CSIR employees. This happened at the Flambé Restaurant outside the gate of the CSIR. The CSIR Wellness, Sport and Recreation body sponsored the food for the event. The presentation covered all bow styles and categories placing the audience in the middle of the scene in South Africa. The complete international and local structures were explained.

Twenty seven CSIR employees attended the session. A large amount of them are from the Built environment, Defence, Peace and Security (DPSS) and Material Science (MSM) competencies within the CSIR. Some valid questions were asked and answered by various members from the old Golden Arrow club whom are in a process of being introduced to form the CSIR-Golden Arrow Archery Club. These new archers will form the main group. The youth group will be grown to supplement these archers and the aim is to broaden the exposure to all styles so the archers can make a good decision on what discipline and style they would like to pursue.

The drive is one hundred percent in line with SASCOC, the National Federation and the CSIR goals in terms of Wellness, Sport, Recreation and Development.

The first AGM is to be confirmed for next week and then the “Open Day” will follow starting this new club with a strong support base in many aspects ranging from a Sport Management body in the CSIR, Coaches, experienced archers and who knows what these intelligent people from the CSIR are going to contribute to Archery?

Everyone seemed quite motivated after the event. The existing archers can see the potential and the new archers don’t know what to expect. It is going to be very interesting to see how this drive unfolds itself!

This news item is from South African National Archery Association
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