News Item: Recurve Limited Development Category clarification and new criteria decided by Council
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Posted by SANAA
Sunday 30 March 2014 - 15:33:53

At the 2014 SA National Archery Association Congress in Johannesburg this weekend, Council clarified the development Recurve Limited Round removing restrictions with the aim of using the category for talent identification for recurve archers.
The round which is shot at 50m (122cm target face) and 30m (80cm 1-10 target face)is only applicable for the outdoor archery and is not subject to Provincial or National Colours. However, all records will be recognised and pins and awards can be claimed. The only limit is that archers may not compete in competition for longer than 24 months. Otherwise there is no limit on equipment, no differentiation in gender, has no age limit, has no score cut off and archers may swap between official categories. The category will be abbreviated as RL which as a number of entrants at the National Championships.

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