News Item: Sanifaa proposes unification of the sport of Archery in South Africa at their annual Congress
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Sunday 26 January 2014 - 14:33:38

At the annual SA National and Indoor Field Archery Association (SANIFAA) Congress held this weekend, the SANIFAA Council, comprising of representatives from all the provinces unanimously resolved to propose to the National Federation a number of changes to the Sanaa Constitution that would see the unification of all amateur archery in South Africa be recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) under one body.
The proposals, which would entrench the International Field Archery Association (IFAA) format and at the same time preserve the SANIFAA history are summarised as (a) That Sanaa recognise IFAA tournaments in accordance with the IFAA rules (b) That Sanaa apply to the IFAA for membership (c) That specified IFAA tournaments are entrenched in the Constitution and that (d) The Sanaa Executive be extended by three elected members.

Announcing the news in Bloemfontein, and in reaction to the pending proposals, National Federation President, Dr Selwyn Moskovitz, welcomed the move stating that should the Sanaa Council accept the motions, it would mean a stronger and more focussed amateur sports body which would allow for shared resources and one single body which would give us more bargaining power and take us out of the realm of a minor sport.

“Such a move would mean that on a national level there would be more representation, a greater pool of skilled volunteers and a host of experienced sports administrators who only have the interests of the sport at heart.”

“By entrenching IFAA-SANIFAA tournaments and rules in the national federations constitution, SANIFAA would continue to have IFAA sanctioned tournaments and be eligible for Colours. In effect, because the process is, in the main, complete at provincial level, the only challenges would be of an administrative nature, integrating the membership into one body”, he continued.

Should the proposals be accepted by the Sanaa Council it would mean that many members who hold both Sanaa and Sanifaa membership would benefit insofar that only one membership fee.

Dr Moskovitz said that there would be no change in the various major events held by Sanifaa on either a national or provincial level “as the competition format and rules would be entrenched in the Constitution, ensuring compliance with IFAA-SANIFAA rules and regulations. This model follows both the UK and Australian Archery Federations”, he added.

In making the announcement, the Sanifaa Council cleared the path for key members of their executive committee to stand for nomination on the Sanaa Executive. This news was welcomed by the Sanaa Executive committee who highlighted the fact that at the provincial level, the structures were already unified and that this move could only benefit our sport.

The proposals come before the Sanaa Council who meet in Johannesburg on 29 March. The Sanaa Council is the legislative body comprising of elected officials from all the provincial bodies and the body that elects the executive committee. Should the proposals be accepted, they would come into effect on 1 January 2015.

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