News Item: An exciting day for day 1 of the National Championships. Results and photo's on-line
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Posted by SANAA
Friday 05 April 2013 - 20:18:36

It was perfect shooting weather today on day 1 of the National Championships and the tournament ran like clockwork.
Even the technical delegate, responsible for ensuring compliance with the World Archery rules said that "Because the day was organised so well, He had nothing to do". Joining RSA on the line were a large contingent of Namibian Archers who were welcomed by Mr Barry Hendricks, president of the Gauteng Sports Council, who opened the games and welcomed all the archers to the province.
But it was the archers who were the winners. Members like Rhyan Potgieter who claimed 4 out of the possible 6 national records for the SANAA Recurve Limited (RL) category and at the same time set a new national record of 1304. The RL's were in the sights, with Fanie Hartman of Northern Gauteng having won the RL Robin Spot after International Judge HO had to pull out the calipers to measure his achievement. The para-archers on the line also had their day, with the largest contingent competing for gold. In many instances, the scores were tight and competition tough. The official FITA scores are available on this link and visit our gallery and Facebook pages for regular updates. The tournament continues tomorrow with the 720 round and eliminations.

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